Privacy Policy

Updated: December 8, 2023

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, and protect your information and privacy when you provide information to Powder-Trans or use our services. We comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the protection and use of personal data.

The Powder-Trans Group includes Powder-Trans Ab Oy, Powder-Trans Sweden Ab, and Powder-Trans Balticum OÜ.


Register names:

  • Powder-Trans Customer and Marketing Register
  • Powder-Trans Recruitment Data Register
  • Powder-Trans Vehicle and Tracking Register

Register Holder:

Powder-Trans Group

Eteläkaari 8, 21420 Lieto, FINLAND
+358 (0)20 779 2079

Responsible for Privacy and Registers:

Powder-Trans Group

Privacy and Register

We collect information about users of our websites and services, individuals who join our email lists, interactions through emails we send, and through our contact request forms. We also collect and supplement information from public registers.

We use the collected information to communicate for sales or recruitment purposes and to plan and execute our marketing and customer communication.

The data is stored in secure server environments that require login and authentication. Data may be processed outside the EU in Google and META services under the Privacy Shield agreement or equivalent framework.

Powder-Trans does not sell or disclose user data.

You can review, request the removal, or correct your information by sending an email to

We respond to privacy-related inquiries within 30 days of receiving the question.

Purpose and Legal Bases for Processing Personal Data

Website and Cookies

We collect information about the use of our website and services. For website visitors, the processing is based on the legitimate interest of the processor. The information is needed for tracking and statistics of our website usage, directing and measuring advertising, and providing services on our website. The collected information helps us develop our content and services to better meet user needs.

In addition to Powder-Trans’s own cookies, the site uses cookies from web services such as Google and META. These cookies are used for measuring website usage and targeting advertising. You can disable cookies through cookie query choices. For more information on cookie functionality, you can refer to Wikipedia’s description of how cookies work.

Powder-Trans cannot identify individual users based on the information collected from using the website. Therefore, we cannot provide information about individual user views, time spent on the site, or other measurement data.

Email Lists, Email, Mailing Address, and Phone Number

The legal basis for processing email list information is the consent given by the person joining the list. Each person joins the list voluntarily and can unsubscribe independently. For email lists, information is retained as long as the person is a subscriber.

Email addresses are collected on our website when joining the email list, responding to quote and contact requests, and in connection with responding to recruitment announcements. We request contact information during registrations, orders, surveys, contests, and competitions directly from users at various events such as fairs and other gatherings.

The email register includes personal information such as the person’s name, email, and phone number for communication purposes.

Email addresses are used to send emails from Powder-Trans, containing editorial content, tips, announcements, and advertising.

We restrict the viewing and modification requests of email list information to be requested via email, as a request received from the email address is the only way to ensure that the requester owns that email account.

You can unsubscribe from our news and marketing newsletters at any time by clicking the link in the email footer.

Social Media

We have access to follower information on our social media accounts. Companies providing social media platforms, such as Facebook, maintain follower information on their own services.

Powder-Trans reporting channel

Powder-Trans promotes responsible business methods and fosters an ethical way of acting. We take all illegal, unethical or any acts that go against our guidelines seriously. We encourage you to bring these to our attention every time there is a suspicion of misconduct.

It is crucial that the employees, associates and other stakeholders inform us of their concerns and suspicions regarding misconduct not in line with the organization’s guidelines. Therefore, primarily we encourage you to contact a supervisor in our organization. However, if this is not an option, you can report a concern via the reporting channel.

You do not need to have firm evidence of misconduct; however, reports should be submitted honestly and in good faith. Deliberate reporting of false information is strictly forbidden.

Avoid revealing personal information, especially delicate information, while submitting a report. If the message contains any information prohibited by law, we might not be allowed to process it.

You may leave your name and contact information during reporting, but we provide you with this opportunity to express your concern through this confidential channel anonymously. In addition, the service removes all metadata automatically in case there are any attachments added to the report.

The reporting channel is provided by an external, impartial service provider Easywhistle Oy. They are responsible for the technical implementation, ensuring the whistleblower’s anonymity, and safeguarding the information provided in the report. They also see to it that the service meets the highest possible data protection requirements. You can read further details at

After sending the report, you will receive a unique token on the screen that enables you to continue communicating anonymously with us in the future. Save this in a secure manner. When needed, we might submit follow-up questions via the reporting channel and inform you how the investigation is proceeding.

All reports are investigated confidentially and in accordance with specified procedures. Possible resulting steps are taken only after the investigation has been concluded. The information from the report or the investigation can only be accessed by the people who need it to complete the investigation.

Link to reporting channel:

Thank you for your trust.

Powder-Trans Group