Reporting channel “Whistleblow”

Powder-Trans promotes responsible business methods and fosters an ethical way of acting. We take all illegal, unethical or any acts that go against our guidelines seriously. We encourage you to bring these to our attention every time there is a suspicion of misconduct.

It is crucial that the employees, associates and other stakeholders inform us of their concerns and suspicions regarding misconduct not in line with the organization’s guidelines. Therefore, primarily we encourage you to contact a supervisor in our organization. However, if this is not an option, you can report a concern via the reporting channel.

You do not need to have firm evidence of misconduct; however, reports should be submitted honestly and in good faith. Deliberate reporting of false information is strictly forbidden.

Avoid revealing personal information, especially delicate information, while submitting a report. If the message contains any information prohibited by law, we might not be allowed to process it.

You may leave your name and contact information during reporting, but we provide you with this opportunity to express your concern through this confidential channel anonymously. In addition, the service removes all metadata automatically in case there are any attachments added to the report.

The reporting channel is provided by an external, impartial service provider Easywhistle Oy. They are responsible for the technical implementation, ensuring the whistleblower’s anonymity, and safeguarding the information provided in the report. They also see to it that the service meets the highest possible data protection requirements. You can read further details at

After sending the report, you will receive a unique token on the screen that enables you to continue communicating anonymously with us in the future. Save this in a secure manner. When needed, we might submit follow-up questions via the reporting channel and inform you how the investigation is proceeding.

All reports are investigated confidentially and in accordance with specified procedures. Possible resulting steps are taken only after the investigation has been concluded. The information from the report or the investigation can only be accessed by the people who need it to complete the investigation.

Link to reporting channel:

Thank you for your trust.

Powder-Trans Group