Environment and quality

Environment and quality with long experience

Powder-Trans works toward lowering environmental impact and improving work quality. Our goal is always to provide the appropriate vehicle configuration to optimize the full utilization of the equipment.

We monitor to ensure eco-driving style and take advantage of alternative sources of fuel. The combination of modern, economical equipment and the continuous training towards eco-driving allows us to reduce the burden on the environment actively. We also offer transportation using renewable
HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) biodiesel sourced entirely from 100% renewable sources. HVO biodiesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%. The companyś fleet also consist of gaspowered truck.

Our processes have been audited using the SQAS system.

ISO 39001 certification is a road-traffic safety management system that enables an organization to interact with road traffic to reduce accidents. In Finland, only a few companies have been awarded this certificate.

ISO-9001 is a quality standard certification that sets international requirements for quality management.

The ISO 14000 certification is the most well-known system used by companies to manage environmental responsibilities. The system provides tools for taking good care of the environment.