Vacuum trailer

Powder-Trans has introduced a vacuum trailer, a brand new trailer that can withstand negative pressure thanks to its specially designed tank. In addition, material can be both sucked into and blown out of the tank.

With its new trailer, Powder-Trans expands the possibilities. If necessary, it is now possible to suck material into the tank and move it to a silo, for example, where it is to be blown in, which is quite unusual. It has turned out that there is a need for these services.

In addition to meeting the needs of some customers, the new trailer is also an example of Powder-Trans’ commitment to environmental friendliness in its operations. The new trailer responds to an increasing need for recycling and an interest in minimising waste of materials. Compared to standard vacuum trucks that empty sludge, for example, the Powder-Trans trailer is an alternative that can be completely cleaned between transports and therefore works for most materials, from sand and lime to plastic products. This makes the vehicle unique.

The new vacuum trailer is custom-built by German manufacturer Feldbinder. Thanks to reinforcements, it is able to withstand negative pressure, while the rest of the functions rely on specialised technology and equipment. The vehicle has a variety of filters, a special compressor and other equipment for both blowing and sucking.