Are you our next contract carrier?

If you have one or more vehicles in your company, and

  • you and your staff spend too much time on sales to utilize maximum capacity as well as order processing and scheduling
  • you have too few opportunities to take advantage of volume discounts and benefits when purchasing equipment, fuel, and services
  • you find it operatively and financially difficult to follow the latest developments in digital technology and to equip vehicles and drivers accordingly
  • you have difficulties in arranging additional staff training
  • then Powder-Trans may be the perfect fit.

As a Powder-Trans contract carrier, you can focus on driving your vehicles and running your actual business because we take care:

  • of sales work and making sure that your vehicle is at optimal capacity
  • of orders to ensure the best use of your vehicle’s time
  • of billing to create the best possible cash flow
  • that you continuously have the opportunity to acquire modern, environmentally friendly, and efficient combinations through regular and inexpensive joint purchases
  • of negotiating the terms of purchase of insurance, fuel, tires, and other accessories, which will allow you to access discounts and better terms of purchase
  • that your vehicle and equipment have a unified look and the best quality digital technology
  • that drivers receive up-to-date training in environmentally friendly, efficient, safe, and high-quality driving and have access to uniform and representative clothing and equipment