Powder-Trans signed agreement on environmentally optimised tyres

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Powder-Trans signed agreement on environmentally optimised tyres

The Powder-Trans group has signed a new multi-year agreement on environmentally optimised tyres for its vehicle fleet. The tyre manufacturer Michelin will supply, maintain, and develop the tyres used by Powder-Trans in the coming years.

     Michelin’s experience and services offer an efficient and convenient total package for the

customer, while reducing tyre wear and environmental impact. Therefore, Michelin’s solutions

also appealed to Powder-Trans for a new multi-year agreement,” says Fredrik Blomqvist, CEO of Powder-Trans.


     The new agreement covers all necessary tyre changes, monitoring, reporting and, above all,

optimisation of use and wear. The cooperation also includes continuous monitoring of the correct choice of raw materials and opportunities to optimise tyre life even better. Powder-Trans has over 3,000 tyres on its vehicle combinations in motion daily.


     ”Together, we are evaluating different solutions to achieve, for example, better fuel economy, transport capacity and durability of the tyres,” says Jari Havelin, Key Account Manager, Michelin Services & Solutions at Michelin Nordic.


     For Michelin, the cooperation also means obtaining important data from the Nordic roads and weather conditions, which in turn is used for research and product development of future green ways of transportation and mobility.


     ”The cooperation is important for Powder-Trans as it takes several environmental and road

safety aspects into account, in everything from raw materials and manufacturing to the recycling of the tyres,” points out CEO Fredrik Blomqvist.


     Tyres are an important part of Powder-Trans’ work for road safety, which this autumn has

included driving exercises on wet and slippery roads at a practice track, and which will continue with another course later this autumn. During the autumn, the tyres will also be replaced with the newly developed Michelin Multigrip winter tyres, which currently offer the best winter performance available on the tyre market. The vehicles’ front tyres and the tyres on the driving axles will be changed to the new tyres in preparation for the often difficult winter road conditions.


     ”Thanks to this measure, we can further improve and create prerequisites for good road safety as well as delivery reliability for our transports, ” Fredrik Blomqvist emphasises, adding that good tyres also make the drivers’ work easier in all weather conditions. 

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