50 years since the first transport 

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 50 years since the first transport 

Exactly fifty years ago, Carl-Johan Blomqvist completed his first transport assignment as a self-employed entrepreneur. This was the start of today’s Powder-Trans Group, which is a leading Nordic bulk logistics company with 120 vehicles, EUR 30 million in turnover and 220 employees. 2022 will therefore be an anniversary year, with anniversary events throughout the year, culminating in celebrations on 5 - 7 May.

    The first load left the Kimito Fältspat factory for the Lahti Glassworks on 27 January 1972. Today, the 120 blue and white Powder-Trans vehicle combinations can be seen on the roads of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and even in the Baltic States, a development that has made the company a leading player in the Nordic region.
     “I still remember the first transport almost as if it were yesterday,” says Carl-Johan Blomqvist, who nowadays acts as the company’s chairman. Starting his own company at the age of 20 was challenging and it also became Carl-Johan’s life’s work. Ten years ago, he handed over the operational running of the company to his sons Fredrik and Christian, who today continue to run the family business as owners.
     During the anniversary year, the 50 years of operations will be celebrated in several ways. Throughout the year, some of the vehicles will carry a 50th anniversary logo, making the anniversary year visible in traffic throughout the business area. The festivities themselves will take place over three days in early May with an exhibition, guided tours of the business, entertainment and other programme at the terminal, warehouse, and office in Lieto, Finland. Thursday 5 May is a visiting day for customers, suppliers, and other interest groups, while the following day, 6 May, is reserved for the public. The anniversary celebrations will end with a staff party on Saturday 7 May. A history book of Powder-Trans’ first 50 years of operation will also be published in May.
     The anniversary year will be seen also in other ways in Powder-Trans’ operations during 2022. More info will follow later.

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