Powder-Trans won a class in a European eco-driving competition 

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Powder-Trans won a class in a European eco-driving competition 

Powder-Trans has won one of the most prestigious classes in the annual AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge. The competition, in which around 11,000 drivers from 75 transport companies in six European countries took part during 2021, has different competition classes. Last year, Powder-Trans was the best in the most prestigious class, Best Eco Momentum, and was thus the transport company among the participating companies that achieved the greatest reduction in CO2 emissions during the year.

     The AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge has three different competition classes, namely Best Average Index, Best Improvement and Best Eco Momentum of the year, and participants compete both by country and by class. In the Eco Momentum class, Powder-Trans was the best among all participating transport companies in all participating countries. Powder-Trans reduced its CO2 emissions by 167 tonnes. 184 drivers from the company took part in the competition. The runner-up was a Swedish transport company with a reduction of 152 tonnes. The winners in the other countries achieved reductions of 20 – 80 tonnes. The Eco Momentum class is based on the number of drivers multiplied by the index improvement for each company. The index in the competition is based on six different parameters: overspeed, idling, roll-out, coasting, harsh braking and wasted energy. 

     Powder-Trans was also the best Finnish company in the class best improvement of eco-driving index during 2021. The competition reduces emissions and is an incentive to achieve even greener transport. This has also been a goal and development within Powder-Trans for decades, says CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. He notes that this shows that Powder-Trans has skilled drivers who in their daily tasks always have an economical and foresighted driving behaviour. All the vehicles in Powder-Trans’ daily traffic are now equipped with equipment that allows drivers to follow-up and influence their own driving behaviour while driving.
     In addition to transport companies from the Nordic countries, transport companies from France and Germany also took part in the competition last year. Compared to the first year of the competition in 2017, the results show that the 75 participating transport companies together reduced their diesel consumption by around 4.9 million litres on an annual basis. CO2 emissions have been reduced by 12,900 tonnes. All of this resulted in a total cost saving of €7.4 million.

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