New jumbo trailer in the Powder-Trans fleet

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New jumbo trailer in the Powder-Trans fleet

Powder-Trans has put another jumbo trailer with a capacity of 90 cubic metres into service. The company has already been conducting transports with extra-large silo/bulk trailers in the Nordic region for over 20 years. This type of environmentally friendly vehicle combination provides more efficiency and lower emissions.

Fredrik Blomqvist (left), CEO of Powder-Trans and Matti Virtanen, Sales Director of VAK, with the new jumbo trailer delivered from Kässbohrer.

With the new investment in a Kässbohrer K.SSK 90 tipping trailer, Powder-Trans is increasing its capacity to transport low-density materials in extra large volumes. Powder-Trans is currently one of the few bulk logistics companies in the Nordic market to offer this service. The new investment expands the company’s fleet of jumbo combinations. 

Kässbohrer has been manufacturing tipping silo semi-trailers since 1953 and is one of the largest manufacturers in its industry in Europe. According to Powder-Trans CEO Fredrik Blomqvist, Kässbohrer was able to offer a competitive delivery of its jumbo trailer model, in addition to a good quality trailer, as the only manufacturer in Europe with this type of trailer in its standard product portfolio.

The trailer offers a very efficient way to perform loading and unloading as well as cleaning and maintenance. Many technical solutions in this trailer provide lower operating costs and easier maintenance, says Fredrik Blomqvist.

A jumbo trailer can carry 90 cubic metres of low-density cargo, while a normal EU trailer has a capacity of 60 cubic metres. The new jumbo trailer, like the company’s other jumbo trailers, will operate in the Nordic countries and Central Europe.

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