Carl-Johan Blomqvist’s scholarship can be applied for again

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Carl-Johan Blomqvist’s scholarship can be applied for again

The Carl-Johan Blomqvist Scholarship, established last year, is now open for applications. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of applications to a person or group studying or otherwise promoting the transport industry in Finland.

The three recipients of the scholarship, when it was awarded for the first time, were logistics student Atte Hellbom (in the middle), and apprenticeship student Ayyoub Mohammadamini (right) pictured here with Powder-Trans Chairman of the Board Carl-Johan Blomqvist. The Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (Jamk) was also awarded a grant, which they decided to award to one of the school’s students, logistics engineering student Teemu Kauhanen.

The scholarship, which was established in connection with the 50th anniversary of Powder Trans in 2022, will now be awarded for the second time. The scholarship is now open for applications until 27 November 2023 and will be awarded early next year to the selected recipient or recipients. The recipient of the scholarship is selected annually on the basis of the applications received, or according to the scholarship committee’s own choice of recipient even without an application. The criteria for receiving the scholarship are that the person(s) is/are studying for a profession/training in the transport sector or has otherwise made a significant contribution to promoting the transport sector and the awareness of it. The recipients of the scholarship, when it was first awarded, were two students in the driver and fitter training programme and a university of applied sciences that distributed the scholarship to one of its students.

Applications and justifications for receiving the scholarship must be submitted in accordance with the regulations on the Powder-Trans website, where an application form is also available. The choice of the recipient(s) of the scholarship is made by a scholarship committee consisting of persons representing educational institutions in the transport sector, police authorities and other functions related to the transport sector and media in the transport sector, as well as representatives of the Powder-Trans company and the Blomqvist family. The scholarship committee, which will select the recipients this year, will consist of the following persons: Vice-Rector Juha Jokinen of Novida Vocational Institute, logistics industry educator and former Police Sergeant of the Heavy Transport Supervision Vesa Roima, Editor-in-Chief Jouni Hievanen of the transport sector magazine Ajolinja, transport industry business advisor Sture Holm, and from Powder-Trans Managing Director Fredrik Blomqvist, Director of Operations Christian Blomqvist and Chairman of the Board Carl-Johan Blomqvist.

The size of the scholarship is a total of EUR 2,000, awarded as one or divided into several grants once a year at the end of the year.