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Covid-19 update

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and the situation is continually changing. National and local restrictions have also been enforced in the Nordic countries, which is the main area of activity for Powder-Trans and BulkTEAM. We have taken all the measures required by the authorities and, in addition, have instructed our staff in this regard, and we are able to maintain a normal level of service and traffic for our customers, at least for the time being. In accordance with our contingency plan, we are closely following developments and are ready to act quickly in accordance with official guidelines and regulations, taking into account the prevailing circumstances.

Powder-Trans and BulkTEAM have recently taken safety measures to ensure our customers’ and employees’ health and reduce concern and risk of spreading the disease. Our measures also ensure our service to you so that your transport and operations can continue uninterrupted. We strive to act proactively to ensure the continuity of our operations.

Extensive border controls have been introduced in many countries, and some ship connections have also been canceled, but the closure of borders to, for example, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, does not apply to freight traffic. Our traffic will continue to the same extent, but these restrictions may affect delivery times, and possible delays may occur. Still, we will inform you so that you can take this into account in your operations.

Due to the current situation, our own measures are e.g., moving our employees to part-time jobs while maintaining our level of service, arranging meetings remotely and minimizing visits to the office, canceling all business trips abroad as well as physically attending external meetings and events. The requirements of emphasized personal hygiene have been met, e.g., arranging their own disinfectants for each vehicle and, of course, quarantining those potentially exposed to the disease for 14 days. 

We have also instructed drivers to follow the instructions and restrictions in your company. Our drivers avoid traffic and physical contacts on your premises that are not necessary for the operation, and contacts should be made primarily by telephone, for example.

We are all trying in this situation to do our best to keep society running as well as possible and to normalize the situation as soon as possible!

Fredrik Blomqvist 

Managing Director 

Powder-Trans / BulkTEAM

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