Company’s first gas-powered vehicle combination

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Company’s first gas-powered vehicle combination

Powder-Trans has introduced the company's first gas-powered vehicle combination. The company, which has long been active in favor of more environmentally friendly transport, can now offer its customers the opportunity to achieve a more ecologically sustainable logistics chain for its products.

The new Scania R 410 is one of the first natural gas-powered vehicles in the Nordic countries to be used in the field of dry bulk transport. The new vehicle will handle industrial transports in southern Finland from the Powder-Trans terminal and the Port of Turku.

Our latest acquisition is in response to the increasingly environmentally friendly demands of large-scale industry transportation, says Fredrik Blomqvist, CEO of Powder-Trans. Customers want alternative fuels, and now we can also provide them with natural gas as transportation fuel if they want this option for environmental reasons. He adds that we have been able to, in the past, provide both biodiesel and other alternative fuels that we have used significantly in part of our fleet.

Environmental friendliness and performance are available in a new natural gas-powered vehicle combination.

The power is sufficient for a bulk combination weighing 60 tons. The operating range of a vehicle with two 758-liter gas tanks is 800 to 1,200 kilometers, with which CEO Blomqvist is pleased. There are increasing numbers of filling stations all over the country, in the vicinity of the company’s terminal in Lieto, and in the Port of Turku, where most of the loading happens.

Driver Per Råstedt refueling Powder-Trans’s new natural gas-powered bulk transport vehicle combination.

CEO Fredrik Blomqvist emphasizes that Powder-Trans can now also offer
natural gas as fuel for customers’
transportation. In addition to this,
Powder-Trans has, for a long time
provided alternative fuels such as biodiesel, to a significant extent in the company’s 115 vehicle fleet

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