Powder-Trans launches customer and personnel magazine

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Powder-Trans launches customer and personnel magazine

 The Powder-Trans Group has launched a customer and personnel magazine. The first issue of the magazine named TEAM has been launched today. The magazine comprises 24 pages, and is geared toward our customers, personnel, and other partners.

 The magazine TEAM, whose name comes from the company’s slogan Together Everyone Achieves More, contains for example articles about our customers and suppliers as well as the operations of Powder-Trans. It also comprises interviews with interesting people from the transport business and the company’s’ personnel, news from the company and the transport business, as well as articles on different operations connected to the transport business in general. 

The new magazine is one step in the Powder-Trans Group’s effort to boost the company’s visibility and marketing. To achieve this, a project in co-operation with the company HolmMediaData Ab was initiated at the beginning of the year, says Managing Director Fredrik Blomqvist. 

The project also includes a new slightly modified graphic profile with a new complementing logo for both operations and vehicles, the launch of printed annual reports and environmental reports, as well as an increased efficiency in the communication on the company’s websites. 

The first issue of TEAM is now available both as an e-magazine on the Powder-Trans website and as a printed version. The magazine is published in three language versions: English, Swedish and Finnish. In the future the magazine will be published once a year. 

Here you can read the first TEAM e-paper.

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