Maintained operations despite exceptional year

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Maintained operations despite exceptional year

     A most exceptional year, never before seen in world history, is coming to an end. Despite
this, at Powder-Trans we have managed to maintain almost normal operations. The transports
and our other services have not been significantly affected, even though the operations at
our units have been partly managed remotely and all our operations have been carried out in
compliance with all precautionary measures because of the corona virus. According to our customer response, we have in every way succeeded in maintaining a normal service level, and the delivery reliability has been at the same high level as usual. Thank you to all of you, drivers and other staff, customers, and other partners for your great work in these unique times!

     The year has also involved considerable new investments in our operations. This has been
done not least from an environmental point of view. We have taken about 20 new vehicles into
use, and to 99 % our vehicle fleet now consists of the highest environmentally friendly emissionstandards Euro classes 5 and 6. During autumn, our first gas-powered vehicle was taken into use, and we are increasingly using HVO diesel and other environmentally friendly fuels. New technical solutions, which benefit the environment, have also been introduced. Our new warehouses, which offer expanded services to our customers, have solar panels, and enable efficient sorting, recycling, and disposal of waste as well as return of big bags. Together with a continuous training of our drivers in economical and environmentally friendly driving, as well as an optimization of the transports, these measures result in noticeable improvements on the way to an increasingly sustainable logistics chain.

     During the year, we have expanded the communication around our operations through the
new personnel and customer magazine TEAM, the renewed websites, and the new intranet for
the staff. We have also introduced a new symbol logo, PT, to be used side by side with the previous logo, and partially renewed the look of our vehicles. The investments for the well-being of the staff and the development of the organization have continued. The organization has also been strengthened with new staff in Sweden.

     Despite the different and in many ways demanding times, we now have Christmas and the
new year at the door as usual. I would like to wish our customers, partners, and staff a peaceful
and healthy end to this year and a good start to next year. Take care!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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