Powder-Trans renewed its vehicle fleet

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Powder-Trans renewed its vehicle fleet

During 2020, the Powder-Trans Group continued to invest in new modern vehicles for even more environmentally friendly and sustainable bulk transports in the Nordic countries. During the year, the vehicle fleet was renewed with 20 new vehicles. In addition, a series of five new trailers will soon be delivered to the company.


     We constantly strive to optimize our operations to achieve as low an environmental impact of the transports as possible, states CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. An important step in this work is to annually renew a significant part of the vehicle fleet. In this way, we can also be at the forefront when it comes to the latest technology in the transport sector, he adds.

     All 115 vehicles in the Powder-Trans Group’s regular traffic today meet the highest environmental emission standards Euro 6 and Euro 5. The majority comply with the Euro 6 standard. They now make up over 80 percent of the Powder-Trans vehicle fleet.

     Continuously reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions thanks to new vehicles are a significant part of this work. But training of drivers in economical and environmentally friendly driving is also important for the environmental initiatives of Powder-Trans. 

     Furthermore, solar panels have been installed in the properties for an even higher degree of self-sufficiency in energy. The new storage facilities, which were recently taken into use, enable better recycling of packaging materials in the transport of bulk materials. Alternative fuels, such as HVO diesel, and since 2020 also vehicles that run on LNG / LBG gas, are important steps in the environmental work for more sustainable bulk logistics.

     In order for the transport sector to achieve the EU’s climate goals for transport by 2030, continued investments in new vehicles and technology as well as new logistical solutions are needed, Fredrik Blomqvist states. He points out that Powder-Trans in this development aims to be among the foremost in its sector in the Nordic region.

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