Powder-Trans now the name also in Sweden

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Powder-Trans now the name also in Sweden

The bulk logistics company Powder-Trans, which already has had extensive operations in Sweden for decades, will in 2021 introduce its corporate brand Powder-Trans comprehensively also in Sweden. The company’s subsidiary BulkTEAM AB changes its name to Powder-Trans Sweden AB. The change will take place gradually during this year.

 In the future, the Powder-Trans logo will become an increasingly common sight on Swedish roads when the subsidiary BulkTEAM changes its name to Powder-Trans.

     The Powder-Trans Group started its traffic in Sweden as early as 1982 and founded a subsi-diary in Sweden in 2009. In 2014, Powder-Trans became a one-half owner of the newly founded Swedish bulk logistics company BulkTEAM AB. Since 2019, Powder-Trans has been the sole owner of BulkTEAM and the Swedish company has been a subsidiary in the group. 

     Considering this development of our operations in Sweden, which also domestically in Sweden today accounts for a third of the entire Group’s transport and other logistics assignments, it is a natural development that we gather all our Nordic operations under the same brand. This way, we can also clarify our overall operations for our customers, states Powder-Trans Group’s CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. This will strengthen our presence as a Nordic company as well as our future investments in Sweden, he adds. 

     The name change on signs, properties and vehicles will be implemented gradually throughout the whole of 2021. The company’s own vehicle fleet has already had both Powder-Trans and BulkTEAM branding. In addition to the new branding, the subcontractors’ vehicles will, as up to now, have their own haulage company branding. The Powder-Trans logo as well as the recently introduced sub logo PT will be increasingly visible also on these vehicles. The BulkTEAM name will be phased out, but will remain as a secondary name to Powder-Trans Sweden AB. 

     The name change will not affect the operations. The operations towards the customers, as well as the staff and contacts to the company will stay the same as in BulkTEAM AB. 

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