Powder-Trans moves to Landskrona

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Powder-Trans moves to Landskrona

The Powder-Trans Group is moving the operations of its Swedish company, formerly BulkTEAM AB, from Dalby to Landskrona. In Landskrona, the company will have larger and more modern facilities in terms of both office and terminal as well as warehousing operations. In addition, the new facilities are logistically closer to the major traffic routes and ports as well as some customers.

     CEO Fredrik Blomqvist is very pleased with the new premises and looks forward to being able to offer the Swedish customers even better service than before thanks to the more appropriate facilities in Landskrona. The move benefits the office and warehouse staff as well as the drivers and not least the customers in our Swedish operations, he states. 

     The move will begin in early July and be completed by the end of August. From then the operations will be based in and organized from Landskrona. The address of the new location is Fartygsgatan 25, next to Landskrona harbour. 

     The new facilities in Landskrona comprise a total of almost 3,000 sq.m. The office and terminal facilities as well as staff rooms with rest rooms and other services for the drivers are housed in the building. New and modern loading equipment will be installed in the transhipment and storage facilities. 

     The staff, who has been stationed in Dalby, will in their entirety move to the new operating premises in Landskrona. The customers’ contact persons will also stay the same and now serve from Landskrona. All other contact information except the address remains as before. 

     Powder-Trans is also strengthening its presence in the Stockholm region by establishing an office in Knivsta north of Stockholm. Operative Manager Michael Stertman will be stationed here. Operations in Knivsta will begin on September 1, 2021. 

For additional information contact: CEO Fredrik Blomqvist, tel. +358 (0) 400 762 259 

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