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Positive outlook in the industry

      Even though the pandemic is still holding the world in its grip, we can now see a much better outlook for the future with a significant proportion of the population in our Nordic countries and in the rest of Europe vaccinated. This is also reflected in an upturn in the economy, and that in turn is of course reflected in better prospects for the transport industry. New challenges in this new situation, besides higher diesel prices, are the shortage of components and materials for daily operations. 

     In this situation, it is important to be prepared also for the upturn and the challenges posed by higher fuel prices and component and material shortages as well as new environmental requirements. At Powder-Trans, we have succeeded in this. We have a very good year behind us, and we have continued to invest for the future in many different segments of the business. Investments in the environment, in the development of digitalisation and in extensive training activities have, in addition to investments in vehicles, trailers and the workshop, continued to be substantial. 

     This year we will also be able to provide our customers with increasingly accurate monitoring of the specific environmental impact of each transport. This new environmental reporting system is currently being developed by us and will be one of the best in the industry in terms of its scope. 

     The development of our operating facilities will be significant this year. After the holidays, we will move into new modern facilities in Landskrona with extensive storage capacity and state-of-the-art loading equipment. The location next to the port and major road links is ideal for optimising cargo handling and fleet utilisation. In addition, some of our major customers are located nearby. We will also open an office in Knivsta outside Stockholm in September. We now have modern and appropriate facilities in both Finland and Sweden. Together with the stationing of our subcontractors in various locations, we now have a local presence in almost all of Sweden. 

     In terms of the important human resources, we have strengthened our sales force in both Finland and Sweden during the year. Resources have also been increased on the operational side. 

     As part of our marketing efforts in recent years, we have also unified our brand. Since spring Powder-Trans has been the name of our operations also in Sweden, previously known under the name of our subsidiary, BulkTEAM. The legal entity in Sweden is now called Powder-Trans Sweden AB, but otherwise the operations and contact persons will remain the same as before. 

     Now that summer is already upon us and most of us also have the holidays in sight, I would like to wish everyone a very nice and pleasant summer all over our summery Nordic region and all other places where Powder-Trans operates. 

Have a pleasant summer!

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