Powder-Trans among the first companies with slippery road driving exercises

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Powder-Trans among the first companies with slippery road driving exercises

The Nordic bulk logistics group Powder-Trans is one of the first transport companies in Finland to organise training and practice driving on an ice track with combination vehicles. A full course with 30 of the company’s drivers in attendance was held in September on the slippery road practice track in Paimio.

     ”A very successful course that included most of what is needed to know when driving heavy vehicle combinations on wet road surfaces, also simulating driving on slippery roads in winter,” sums up Quality Manager Juha Hietakari, who oversees the training of the drivers at Powder-Trans.

     The aim of the course was to increase the drivers’ ability to anticipate and notice risks in their own daily driving. In addition to driver and vehicle readiness, the training also concentrated on the importance of proper loading, suitable speed as well as safety distances for road safety and how to act in dangerous situations.

     The course was conducted partly as a practical exercise in driving on slippery surfaces and partly as a theoretical instruction in a classroom. All participants took turns in trying out how the combination vehicles of Powder-Trans act on slippery surfaces.

     The course was organised by CAP Pro Academy in cooperation with Powder-Trans and was one of the first of its kind to be held in Finland.

Additional information is provided by:

Quality Manager Juha Hietakari 
+358 440 520 465 


CEO Fredrik Blomqvist
+358 400 762 259  

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