New issue of TEAM released

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New issue of TEAM released

This year’s issue of the Powder-Trans Group’s customer and personnel magazine TEAM has been released today. This time the magazine has 28 pages, with content aimed at the company’s customers, personnel, and other partners. The articles range from news articles to features about the company and the bulk transport industry.

This year’s issue includes, as previous issues of the magazine, features on customers and suppliers as well as Powder-Trans’s operations, interviews with interesting profiles in the transport industry and with the company’s personnel, news about the company as well as articles on various issues related to the transport industry. This time you can read about how Powder-Trans has dealt with the pandemic, new development projects, the new terminal in Landskrona, the development of the warehousing operations, the company’s environmental work, a unique transport project in the Port of Gothenburg, the everyday work of the driver, the company’s efforts for road safety, how Powder-Trans celebrates its 50th anniversary, and a unique vintage vehicle project. 

The magazine, which is one part of the company’s initiative to provide more information, complements the several information and press releases published annually, the publication of printed annual reports, presentation material including a new film about the company and a general improvement of the information on the company’s web pages. This year’s issue of TEAM is now available both as an e-magazine on the Powder-Trans website and as a printed paper version. The magazine is available in three language versions: Swedish, Finnish and English. 

Here you can read the new issue of the TEAM e-magazine 

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