Christmas Greetings 2021

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Christmas Greetings 2021

A rising market

Despite the persistent pandemic and the annual autumn gloom, the bulk logistics market has been much brighter this autumn than in previous years. We have seen an almost unprecedented surge in the demand for our shipments. Powder-Trans has been able to achieve both record volumes transported and record miles driven.

However, the strong start-up of society has led to a component shortage that has affected both vehicle maintenance and new vehicle deliveries. We have coped with this situation quite well thanks to an efficient in-house workshop and a modern vehicle fleet. 

As part of our efforts to train staff, we have organized exercises and training in driving on slippery roads at a practice track. Our new intranet has proved to be very important during the pandemic as the communication with our drivers has been able to continue as usual and even expand. As part of our efforts to increase the safety of our drivers and, not least, general traffic and delivery safety, we have entered into an agreement with Michelin for environmentally optimized tires. All our vehicles have been fitted with new winter tires, which are currently the best ones on the market. 

In the field of environmental work, more and more customers have taken an interest in transports using environmentally friendly fuels, and we now run an increasing proportion of transports on, for example, HVO or biodiesel. Our environmental reporting is also being developed further, so that we can offer customers several reports, both standardized and tailored to specific customers, transports and loads. 

We are furthermore now facing 2022, which is an anniversary year for Powder-Trans. It has soon been 50 years since our father Carl-Johan Blomqvist founded the company. It is gratifying that our family can look back on these years and see how the company has developed from a one-man business to a leading player in bulk transports in the Nordic region. You: our staff, customers and suppliers, have a crucial role in this. Without you this would not have been possible! Thank you, everyone! We hope to have an equally good cooperation in the future. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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