Hundreds of people visited Powder-Trans 50th anniversary celebrations

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Hundreds of people visited Powder-Trans 50th anniversary celebrations

Hundreds of people attended Powder-Trans’ 50th anniversary celebrations, which took place over three days in early May. The three days of events were aimed at customers and other interest groups, the general public and staff. The weather favoured the first two days, and the atmosphere of the third staff day was not affected by a few hours of rain. The programme was equally comprehensive on all three days and the atmosphere was good.

    The days began with greetings from CEO Fredrik Blomqvist, who also revealed a few surprises during his speech. An own Powder-Trans song, launched on the occasion, has been written by musicians Jussi and Peter Lindberg. Powder-Trans has also decided to establish an annual scholarship, bearing the name of the company founder Carl-Johan Blomqvist, to support education or some other deed in the logistics and transport sector.
     In the afternoon, the premiere of the Powder-Trans song was followed by several guided tours to show the whole operations of Powder-Trans today as well as the history of the company, including both new vehicle combinations and vintage trucks. During the three-hour event, guests were also able to enjoy more music, refreshments and meet people in the logistics industry in Finland and Sweden. The newly published company biography of Powder-Trans’ first 50 years of operations was also available during the event.
     You can listen to the Powder-Trans song by clicking here (the song is in Swedish).

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