Powder-Trans’ 50-year company biography now out for sale 

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Powder-Trans’ 50-year company biography now out for sale 

During the Powder-Trans’ 50th anniversary celebrations, a company biography of the company’s first 50 years of operations was published. The book, entitled ”Full Tanks for the Future”, follows the story of Powder-Trans’ creation, growth, successes and setbacks during the years 1972–2022. The book, which comprises 192 pages, is written by Christoffer Holm and is now available in bookstores nationwide as well as via online bookstores in Finland and Sweden and at the publisher Litorale.

From left, the book’s initiator Sture Holm, the book’s author Christoffer Holm, the company’s founder Carl-Johan Blomqvist, and the current owners Christian and Fredrik Blomqvist, can rejoice that the comprehensive project with the new company biography is now done and the book out for sale.

   The new history book is not only a story about Powder-Trans, but also tells about crucial stages and turning points in the transport industry, the national economy and the surrounding society. The book also tells the story of the people who together created Powder-Trans and ensured that important transports reached their destinations throughout five decades. 

  During 50 years of operations, Powder-Trans has had a colourful history, says author Christoffer Holm, freelance writer, PhD student in history, and screenwriter. The story is about how a small company found its niche, how one person took the leap towards something bigger, and how countless people subsequently made the company what it is today, he notes. 

   Writing Powder-Trans’ history is important, both for everyone who has been involved in the company and for future generations in the transport industry, says Chairman and founder Carl-Johan Blomqvist. Knowing one’s history, successes and setbacks, is crucial for development, he adds. 

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