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Crisis upon crisis

When the persistent pandemic finally began to loosen its grip on the world, we were all looking forward to positive developments. However, global crises right now seem to follow each other, and now we are in the midst of the consequences of a war in our immediate vicinity. The consequences of this crisis for transports are much more tangible than the effects of the pandemic. The surge in fuel prices on the market has put the industry in an unprecedented situation of huge cost increases. And a still prevailing shortage of components is also having its clear impact on the sector. 

 Although we at Powder-Trans have managed to cope with a number of crises and problems quite well, we felt, like many others, somewhat helpless in the face of the sharp rise in fuel prices. In our business this has a major impact on our costs. Now, after the initial months of turmoil, in consultation with our customers, we have nevertheless been able to achieve a better balance in our cost structure and are now again looking forward with confidence. Thank you to our customers and other partners for this. 

 An encouragingly good demand for our services has also meant increased capacity requirements, which we have managed to meet despite delays in vehicle deliveries. Our environmental work continues, and when we have gotten all the new vehicles on the road this year, we will achieve an important environmental target, with 100% of our vehicles being of the highest Euro 6 class. 

In the spring, we were furthermore able to celebrate quite extensively that the company has reached the age of 50. Customers, suppliers and other partners, the general public and staff were able to visit us during three days of festivities. And the turnout was great, which we are very delighted about. We can only say: thank you for visiting, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks also to everyone else who remembered our anniversary in other ways. And so that the 50 years will not be forgotten even in the future, we published a comprehensive company biography book about our activities and the industry during these 50 years. 

Have a nice summer and holiday now that we can spend a summer like in the old days!