Newly developed bulk carrier now in service

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Newly developed bulk carrier now in service

The new bulk combination, developed by Powder-Trans together with the new dry bulk manufacturer Nordic Tank, has made its first transports. The new combination was premiered at the Elmia Lastbil 2022 trade fair in Jönköping in August. The first load in actual traffic was made by CEO Fredrik Blomqvist and Nordic Tank’s Technical Director Henri Mattila.

Powder-Trans CEO Fredrik Blomqvist and Nordic Tank’s Technical Director Henri Mattila carried out the first transport with the new jointly developed bulk combination.

The bottom unloading bulk tipper was developed in intensive cooperation with Powder-Trans to meet customer requirements and Nordic conditions. The project involved a year of planning and manufacturing work where both CEO Fredrik Blomqvist and Fleet Manager Tero Viitanen from Powder-Trans worked together with Nordic Tank’s project team led by Technical Director Henri Mattila.

The new product is a type-approved combination with a 28 cubic metre tractor unit and a 45 cubic metre trailer. The unladen weight of the vehicle is 20 920 kg. Its suitability for Nordic conditions means that it also meets Swedish requirements, i.e. it can also be operated in Sweden with a total weight of 74 tonnes. The chassis of the combination is a 500-horsepower Volvo FH500 TC 8×4 tridem, which in Finland means a gross vehicle weight of 75 tonnes, pending Traficom approval of the Volvo 500 TC for 76 tonnes. The technical weight is 76 tonnes.

Powder-Trans CEO Fredrik Blomqvist praises the project for producing the lightest vehicle on the market at the moment. Aluminium has been the main material, except for the trailer’s stainless steel front end.

“The combination is easy and convenient to use when all the control equipment for the tanks is located within easy reach of the driver. Ease of use means efficiency, which in turn means cost savings,” Fredrik Blomqvist emphasises.

According to Nordic Tank’s CEO Satu Heikkilä, the company aims to create a significant product segment of the bulk combinations, the first of which has now been developed through the project with Powder-Trans. Founded in 2016, the company has so far largely produced tank combinations exclusively for chemical and milk transport.

“The goal of our five-year strategy is to expand production with new product ranges that support the previous business,” she adds.

“Nordic Tank’s high product quality and customer-oriented production has made it possible to deliver products with shorter delivery times than the industry average,” Satu Heikkilä emphasises.

The company currently has a turnover of EUR 6.6 million. For the future, the company aims to become a player in other Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

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