Powder-Trans expands its board of directors

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Powder-Trans expands its board of directors

Powder-Trans expands its board of directors with new members from Finland and Sweden. The Board of Directors of Powder-Trans Ab Oy will have two new members, in addition to those who previously represented only the owner family. The company’s general meeting has elected Sture Holm from Finland and Leif Axelsson from Sweden to the new board. They bring external expertise and broad industry experience.

Sture Holm (left) and Leif Axelsson are new members of the expanded board.

“The operations of the Powder-Trans companies have expanded significantly in recent years, and by expanding the board we want to further strengthen this development,” says CEO Fredrik Blomqvist.

The new board of directors for the group consists of Carl-Johan Blomqvist as chairman and the members Fredrik Blomqvist, Christian Blomqvist, Sture Holm and Leif Axelsson.

“By involving other than just the family members in the board work, we want to expand the board’s expertise and thus strengthen the board for future challenges that the group faces in the market and according to our strategy for the coming years,” says Powder-Trans Chairman Carl-Johan Blomqvist.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand the board with Sture and Leif with long and solid experience of logistics and large-scale industry, which constitutes the largest part of our customer base,” he adds.

Sture Holm from Finland has acted as an advisor to Powder-Trans in recent years. He has extensive experience in leading positions in large-scale industry in both Finland and Sweden. He has worked as communications director and marketing director in the steel industry groups Dalsbruk, Fundia, Rautaruukki and Ovako, where he also was a member of the group’s management team. After leaving the steel industry, he has worked as an advisor for several companies and as a manager of several projects in the transport industry both in Finland and Sweden. He has also been and partly still is active in positions of trust in the advertising, media, property, trade, insurance, and telecom sectors.

Leif Axelsson from Sweden has also worked in Nordic large-scale industry for decades, mainly in the chemical industry. He ended his career as logistics manager for the European operations of one of the world’s largest chemical industries, Inovyn. Before Inovyn, Leif Axelsson also held leading positions in purchase and sales for the chemical industry groups Norsk Hydro and Bayer. He has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry in the Nordic region and has continued with a number of corporate assignments after leaving active working life.

The Powder-Trans board in its entirety from the left: Fredrik Blomqvist, Christian Blomqvist, Carl-Johan Blomqvist (Chairman of the Board), Leif Axelsson, and Sture Holm.