Powder-Trans completed its first intermodal transport by rail

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Powder-Trans completed its first intermodal transport by rail

Powder-Trans has completed the initial tests with intermodal transports of bulk trailers. The tests involving lifting a bulk trailer onto a railway wagon were conducted in April at the Port of Trelleborg in Sweden. During the test, a bulk trailer was lifted onto the Nikrasa platform of TX Logistik on a railway wagon in collaboration with the Port of Trelleborg.

The lift was successful in every aspect and will be one of the transport methods for Powder-Trans in the future, according to Powder-Trans CEO Fredrik Blomqvist. This solution enables an even more environmentally friendly approach than solely transporting on rubber wheels, thus complementing our longstanding efforts towards increasingly environmentally friendly logistics, he adds.

Intermodal transport solutions, where part of the journey is conducted on rubber wheels and then transferred to rail for longer transport distances, offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to solely truck-drawn trailers and equipment.

Powder-Trans’s strategy is to expand intermodal transport in the future, as well as to introduce other new transportation methods for bulk loads, Fredrik Blomqvist explains. Sustainability issues, with a strong focus on the environment, are a consistently quality-driving aspect of the company’s investments in both technology and various operational aspects now and in the future, he emphasizes.

This mode of transport is continuously evolving at Powder-Trans, and today the company can offer various combinations with several shipping companies. For example, from Vaasa in Finland, bulk loads can be intermodally transported to Germany and Italy. Traffic to and from Vaasa will commence within May.

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