Summer greetings

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Summer greetings

Lower volumes but ready for an upturn

The bulk transport market has declined somewhat this year, resulting in significantly lower volumes. This is particularly noticeable in transports for the construction sector. We have seen a decline also at Powder-Trans, which we immediately began to address by adjusting our transport capacity and through other cost-saving measures. However, we have maintained a readiness for higher volumes and are thus prepared for an upturn, which may come quite soon when the economy gets going again.

Our major investment in a new ERP system has taken almost giant steps in our business and we have a strong focus on this development work. We look forward to being able to utilise our new system to the full in the near future and offer our customers a number of new applications. We are also pleased that our drivers find the new system user-friendly and that it will make their work easier. Overall, the introduction of the new system, and the extensive work it entailed, has therefore gone well.

We are now looking forward to a well-deserved holiday period and summer for us all. For Powder-Trans, the autumn will bring interesting new projects, which are part of our recently published strategy with a view to 2030, projects that will benefit us all, both staff and customers and all our partners.

Have a great summer!

Fredrik Blomqvist