Carl-Johan Blomqvist’s award is now open

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Carl-Johan Blomqvist’s award is now open

Carl-Johan Blomqvist’s newly established award is now open for applications. The award is given on the basis of applications to a person or group studying in connection to or otherwise promoting the transport industry in Finland. This is the first time that this award, which was announced during Powder-Trans’ 50th anniversary last spring, will be given.

The establishment of the award for the transport industry was announced in connection with Powder-Trans’ 50th anniversary in the spring, and the first award is now open for application. In the picture from the left Carl-Johan Blomqvist who has given his name to the award, Christian, Sonja and  Fredrik Blomqvist.

The first award is now open for applications until 21.11.2022 and will be given at the end of the year to the chosen recipient or recipients. The recipient of the award will in the future be chosen annually on the basis of applications received or, at the discretion of the award committee, even without an application.

The criteria for receiving the award are that the person(s) is/are training for a profession/education in the transport industry or has otherwise made some significant contribution to the promotion of the transport industry and the awareness of the transport industry. Applications and justifications for receiving the award must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines on the Powder-Trans website, where an application form is also available.

The selection of the award recipient(s) is made by an award committee consisting of persons representing educational institutions in the transport sector, the police authorities and other functions related to the transport sector and the media in the transport sector, as well as representatives of the Powder-Trans company and the Blomqvist family. The award committee, which will select the recipients this autumn, will consist of the following persons: Deputy Rector Juha Jokinen, Novida Vocational Institute, former chief constable in heavy traffic monitoring, now logistics trainer Vesa Roima, the Finnish police authorities, Editor-in-Chief Jouni Hievanen, Ajolinja transport magazine, transport business advisor Sture Holm, Managing Director Fredrik Blomqvist, Chief Operating Officer Christian Blomqvist and Chairman of the Board Carl-Johan Blomqvist.

The amount of the award is EUR 2,000, given as one or divided into several awards once a year at the end of the year.

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